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Italian Tobacco

Italian Tobacco


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Indulge in the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship with Italian Tobacco, an inspired fragrance by Frages Fragrances that captures the luxurious essence of Naxos. Crafted to embody the opulent allure of Sicilian charm and fine tobacco, Italian Tobacco offers a sophisticated olfactory journey that is both indulgent and captivating.

Fragrance Notes: Italian Tobacco opens with a distinguished blend of citrusy bergamot and aromatic lavender, creating a fresh and invigorating top note that sets the stage for sophistication. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a rich bouquet of tobacco and honey, delivering a warm and indulgent sweetness that evokes the richness of Italian tobacco fields under the Mediterranean sun. Subtle nuances of vanilla and tonka bean in the base add a creamy, comforting depth that lingers on the skin, enveloping you in a luxurious embrace.

Accords: The fragrance harmonizes citrus, aromatic, tobacco, and gourmand accords, offering a complex and indulgent scent experience that embodies the essence of Italian Tobacco.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Italian Tobacco, a fragrance that celebrates the sophistication and richness of Italian heritage. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek a fragrance that exudes elegance and warmth.


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