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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Sekushi No.7

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Indulge in the sweet allure of whimsical delight with Cotton Candy, an inspired fragrance by Frages Fragrances that captures the playful spirit of Sekushi No. 7. Crafted to evoke the irresistible sweetness of spun sugar and joyful moments, Cotton Candy offers a deliciously captivating olfactory experience that is both fun and sophisticated.

Fragrance Notes: Cotton Candy opens with a delightful blend of cotton candy accord, featuring sugary caramel and fluffy marshmallow, creating an initial burst of sweetness that is instantly charming. The heart of the fragrance reveals hints of jasmine and rose, adding a touch of floral elegance that complements the sugary notes. Subtle undertones of vanilla and sandalwood provide a creamy, comforting base that enhances the fragrance with a warm embrace.

Accords: The fragrance harmonizes gourmand, floral, and woody accords, offering a delightful and playful scent experience that captures the essence of Cotton Candy.

Embrace the whimsical joy of Cotton Candy, a fragrance that celebrates the carefree moments of indulgence and sweetness. Ideal for those who cherish playful sophistication and seek a fragrance that envelops them in a cloud of sugary delight.


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